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Engaging Students, Equipping Families, and Resourcing Teachers

Welcome to the world’s largest video Bible study library for every family in your  school.

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Ministry Partners

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A Resource for Everyone

RightNow Media is helping over a thousand Christian schools disciple families and resource teachers with the world’s largest library of on-demand video-driven Bible study resources.

With RightNow Media, every person in your school community can access over 25,000 Bible study videos, including series for classrooms, families, students, leadership development, and more.

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Choose from more than 2,000 wholesome, educational, and entertaining videos in the RightNow Media library. Stream them in the living room or on the go.

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Professional Development

RightNow Media is proud to be ministry partners with ACSI, ACTS, and ICAA to offer more than 125 on-demand courses for teacher professional development on topics like leadership, apologetics, books of the Bible, and more. Easy access for administrators to track teacher progress from beginning to end. (Consult your network for more information about Continuing Education Unit requirements.)

RightNow Media is an ACSI, ACTS, ICAA, ILCS, NCCSA, SCACS, and UMSI approved CEU provider.

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A RightNow Media account can only be applied to a single institution. We know it is common for Christian schools to be affiliated with a church, but a single account cannot be shared between two organizations. If your school is affiliated with a particular church, your school and church would need to each have their own subscription to use our services as an independent institution. If you or an organization affiliated with your school has a subscription to RightNow Media, that subscription can only be used personally or in conjunction with the subscribing organization. Individual account information and access to RightNow Media is not to be used within or distributed throughout any affiliated organizations.