Launch to your school in two steps.

Launching to your school is simple—and we’re with you every step of the way. We’ve created free resources and provided examples from other customers to help you share RightNow Media with your people.

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You make an announcement.

Tell your people about their new access to RightNow Media. Use some of the free resources provided below and see how others successfully launched.

We email your invitations.

We send out personalized email invitations to everyone in your school to let them know about their free gift—access to RightNow Media.

Launch Resource Downloads

Check out these resources and examples from other schools to help maximize your announcement. Use our launch video on your website. Or add an insert to your bulletin. Get creative — you know what will work best. It’s also a great idea to remind your people of their free access to RightNow Media throughout the year.

Downloads Resources

 Get Inspired 

See how others have successfully launched RightNow Media for creative ways to spread the word to your people.

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Give everyone in your school access to RightNow Media.
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